" Building a wardrobe is not about being in trend, it's about being remembered with your self-expression.

I believe that one’s character is reflected in the way he or she dresses. The idea of artisanal tailoring has always intrigued me: custom-made, well fitted, every outfit is uniquely designed and has its own aesthetic treats. There is no more need to shop the cookie-cutter mass, be yourself and reclaim your individuality. "

- June Woonamy -


Inspired by June Woonamy, a decent gentleman from the other side of the world who loves traveling in search of authentic cultures and obsessively passionate about the idea of timeless fashion, art, movie and vintage photography.


Intrigued by his sense of humour, eccentric, straightforward style and taste in fashion, we decided to set up this brand as a tribute to this romantic encounter of Western curiosity meets Eastern exotics. The clothier is a home of artisanal tailoring for the gentlemen who wish to embody their own uniqueness, taste and personality.


Back by a team of experienced local tailors, every JUNE WOONAMY piece is sleekly vintage, demonstrates a taste of chic and traditional craftsmanship along with unparalleled design and sophisticated natural materials.


Since the launch of the brand in 2015, JUNE WOONAMY has continue its passion on Stylish, Quality and Individuality.

Believe in our unique sense of personal image and styling built into every piece we make, taking you to a new level of individuality.




This is your unique Silent Voice.


© 2020 JUNE WOONAMY. All Rights Reserved.

e: info@woonamy.com



10B, Lok Ku Road, Sheung Wan


Hong Kong

( at the End of Cat Street, MTR Sheung Wan Exit B )



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